Heather Morden Psychosynthesis Counsellor



It takes a great deal of courage to seek counselling and yet it can be the greatest gift you give yourself.  The next brave step is to know that we need help, that we want to get better, and then to search for that help and support.  It can make a significant, meaningful, positive and lasting difference to your life.

Just by being here, and looking at this website you are on your way to greater self awareness, to be in good relationships with others and to recover a stronger sense of self worth.  A road to recovery and healing.

"Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it" - Tori Amos.

I have a background in the music industry, fashion P.R and as a self employed artist.


I came to this work from wanting to understand more of myself after experiencing a major bereavement and I know I can sit with your deepest grief and pain. The joy is discovering the "for what" of your life and discovering the strength and grace you have to move forward in authenticity. Whatever life has given you.

Beginning Therapy

We will book an initial assessment session. This is usually one hour in length. This is your time to begin to tell me something about what brings you to therapy, and also a little  about your history and your current life circumstances. This is also to meet me, ask any questions you may have, and get a sense of whether you would like to work with me.


If this is agreed, we would decide on the number of sessions we would have, or approximate length of time for the therapy. Sometimes, clients find it easier to agree on 6 sessions initially and then have a review session to see how they’ve experienced these first few sessions.  You can then decide whether you wish to continue on a longer course of therapy.